Weekly Forecasts For Serious Traders

G-Lines predict the direction, swings, pivot points, highs and lows everyday a week in advance. We post our forecasts every Sunday so you can get prepared for the week ahead. Let's see how you would use our forecasts.

Either you can trade these forecasts a couple of times a week picking highs and lows or to trade on a shorter intraday timeframe or whatever style trading that fits you most.

Many of our members like to use G-lines to get ready for the next day, frequently the day will pan out the way it shows, you can see the direction, pivots and amplitude for the next day.






If you are a day-trader or a swing trader these forecasts are great, you can trade these once, twice or more times a day, or you can take a position trade at the anticipated high or low of the week around forecasted high or low time and ride it out for the rest of the week or wherever the forecast suggests we should turn.




Forecasts what type of week and trading day is ahead — up day, down day or side ways –  useful information to help you plan your trading strategy.
Is Very accurate when used in conjunction with your own trading system and style, or if you don't have one you can just follow the G-line.
Finds predictable and repeating patterns in markets, filtering out the noise and leaving only cycles with a high probability of repeating in the future.
Enables You to to pick tops and bottoms sometimes within a point, get the direction for the week or even current day ahead of time and catch most pivots often within an hour.
Helps you plan your trades after viewing the forecast for the trend direction a week ahead


Knowing where the market is going IN ADVANCE makes it possible to NOT REACT to the market - instead, you come to the market with a plan, and the anticipated fulfillment of that plan. 

As a matter of fact, some people might think of trading in the stock and futures markets as something like gambling.  But what we do is far from that.  Gambling is engaging in an activity for gain without a defined business plan.  Most traders are doing just that-  gambling.  Trading as a business on the other hand engages in calculated risks.  When you subscribe to EminiForecaster.com, you’ll be able to quickly see how you can control that risk side of the equation that results in operating losses.

The fact is, when you subscribe to our service, and because we post the forecasts one week in advance,  if we aren’t holding up our end of the bargain, you’ll know it. See if you can find another financial trading market forecasts related website that will do that!

Make a commitment to yourself to trade our program long enough to get a good sampling of the service. If you make the commitment to follow through, we are confident you’ll be our customer for many years to come and we’ll have a lot of fun doing it too!

When you sign up with us our forecasts will give you general idea of the market direction so you can better manage your systems signals, or if you don't have a trading system that you follow you can use G-lines instead.  



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