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"...Learn the methods that Wall Street insiders use to build lasting legacies of wealth."


What this business of trading is all about  

This business is best understood AS a business. Yes friend, make no mistake about it. This business IS a business and it is the best business in the world. You see, most businesses require a store-front, equipment, fixtures, employees and about a thousand other things. With this business all you need is a phone, a computer and some good technology. Because of this, you don稚 need to be a multi-millionaire to get started. But when you understand how it works, you値l know that when those inevitable losses come, it is more like paying the light bill than it is losing.

When you understand trading losses as part of the overall business plan, it makes it all the more palatable. So be prepared for them. Business owners know what costs are involved with their businesses. This is like the electric bill and the rent; ongoing costs etc. Well, in the trading business, it is much the same. The problem is that MOST TRADERS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEIR EXPENSES ARE BECAUSE THEIR LOSSES ARE UNDEFINED.

As a matter of fact, some people might think of trading in the stock and futures markets as something like gambling. But what we do is far from that. Gambling is engaging in an activity for gain without a defined business plan. Most traders are doing just that - gambling.  Trading, as a business, on the other hand engages in calculated risks. When you subscribe to, you値l be able to quickly see how you can control that risk side of the equation that results in operating losses.

Make a commitment to yourself to trade our program long enough to get a good sampling of the service. If you make the commitment to follow through, we are confident you値l be our customer for many years to come and we値l have a lot of fun doing it too!  



How Our Service is Priced and Why  

Our competitor, offering a similar product charges $500 per month for every individual symbol you trade with their service. We used to charge as much as $600.00 per month. In those days, before advances in the technology, we only distributed our signals at night via e-mail and fax.  Unfortunately, a few abused the information we were sending and redistributed the trading signals all over the internet. One customer, who was a commodity broker who learned of our service even became a Commodity Trading Advisor and started taking clients with our signals for a fee and a portion of the profits. Eventually, the abuse became so significant, it was damaging to our clients.  This is when we decided to move to the real-time signals delivered direct to your browser.  As soon as we did that, the abuses subsided and our customer痴 rights were no longer invaded by cheaters.   

Here is a sample Video of a successful G-Line Forecast -


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By working together, and by responding now, we can price our service at an exceptionally fair price of $199.00 per month.  NOTE: This pricing is about to go back up to $199 soon. You have to agree that the value you are receiving is so much greater than merely 200 bucks a month.  By acting now, you will lock in the premier pricing for the life of your subscription-  we値l never raise the rate on you from this absurdly low monthly level.


For a limited time, and because we want to make sure you understand how good our service really is by trying it, we are offering the first 2 weeks at $49, if you decide to stay you don't have to do anything - you will be charged on monthly basis.  We are so confident you値l want to continue on with us, we know you値l even want to tell all your friends about us too! After the first 2 weeks, your card will be billed for a low $199.00 thereafter, as long as you choose to stay with us.

Other services might lure you into buying a one year, two year or three year subscription after creating a bunch of hype.  With our service, we are so confident you will be happy that we charge on a month-to-month basis (though we do offer an annual payment plan for those who are sure they want to stay with us at a nice discount). If you are dissatisfied for any reason at any time and wish to discontinue the service, simply notify us by the end of your billing period, no questions asked,  and we will not charge starting on your next billing date. It is that simple. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Take action today.


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