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Hi Vadim,

Your forecasts for the week are nothing short of amazing.

You guys are here in my home state of Michigan right?
For some reason I thought I remembered reading that somewhere.
If so, its nice to have some sharp local traders that seem to really have a passion for their work.

You guys also offer Gina too correct?

If so could you drop me a link so I can sign up?

I have been a PageTrader subscriber for years and while they are fairly accurate, their
style is hard to trade even as a confirmation of my own work.

Once again I simply wanted to let you guys know that your work you do is very much appreciated
and extremely undervalued. Your prices are the Best out there especially considering your accuracy.

Looking forward to getting the Gina link.


Matthew Ash


One contract made enough gain to pay for three months subscription. I am amazed!!!
Thank you so much. Is there anyone on record who did not continue their subscription other than death by natural causes?.
Thank you again and very best wishes.....Mike - J


3 days in a row with 10 points awesome I don't think I have seen 30 points in a month with any other services thank you



I dont know how you guys do it. Love the weekly forecast, very nice


You guys rock.

After your update last night to be short until June 13th, we put on a trade and took 4 points out of the ES's with a loaded position... meeting our 10 point goal 1 day early.

We've paid for the forecaster in 1 trade. Having more confidence now, I could kick myself for not shorting up at the top pivot this week, but, there will be more weeks to trade. The market never stops.

Glad to be on board. You're doing an excellent job.



Forecast is gorgeous today so far!!!
I think today could be my biggest single point gain on one day trade ever... ironically before that it was 16 points from you guys also a few Fridays ago.


Nice Call today!
I don't know how you guys do it . what a week so far.


We actually did get back in since there was quite a range in the forecast.
It worked out great!
This week has been very impressive. Good work! :-)


I've only been a subscriber for a couple weeks but your service has twice helped me identify key market turns intraday. So far, it's been a very helpful added indicator to my trading.



Amazing! i made 37% on my account with not much leverage in the month of February. I dont know how you guys do this. I just take a couple of trades per week and collect the money! keep it up ok.



I have used your service for only one week now and I am very impressed with the result added your chart and my own system seems to make me more money of course time will tell more but so far it has been great.




I've been on a two week trial and I want to thank you guys for your attention.  It was a little rocky for me the first week - but this week has been a lot better.  I'm getting to think I'm actually getting the hang of the system.  The key - as you've been empathizing - is to follow and to trust the pivots on the G lines.  Thanks, also for your speedy response to my questions; and to the training  exercises you sent.  I particularly like how you provide updates during the week which provide additional insight and direction to the weeks forecast!  I'll be signing up for your service on a continual basis.  K 


     This is the BEST trading system in the world, probably within the known universe.  E/Mini forecaster is NEVER incorrect.  Many times the Fed is incorrect but NOT the magnificent forecaster.  So far this week the score is Fed-1  EMF-5.  Another week of enormous profit taking in spite of the disruptive Fed flatulence.  LONG MAY YOU RUN.........Mike


Hi Guys,
I've tried your 2 weeks trial, it's been 2 weeks now. What I have seen with your G-line in the last 2 weeks is amazing! I have never seen anything like that before. Needless to say, I'm staying with your service for a long time to come.
Keep up the good work!!





I doubled my account using your forecasts in the month of June! Thank you so much for providing this amazing service, Ive attached a monthly statement from my broker.




It is amazing; I had some puts (OEX) and just sold them, nice 25% profit in a couple of days. Thanks for all your quick responses to my emails.



I must admit I was amazed how accurately you predicted the sell off today. Not only in
the timeframe, but close to how much. 


I made +10.25 SP Mini Points today! I wish I had the guts to ride it down for an extra 10.


Today was another great day for me ! I was short @ 1538.25 and then averaged up and added additional contracts @ 1542.25 so my overall avg short position moved up to 1540. So today was quite profitable and I exited.



It really makes me sick to hear that people don't understand what they have here, you have always said it is not perfect and be careful around a holiday. You give us a glimpse of the future and when you apply safe trading practices like close stops when you have a small account it works fantastic. If you use this to swing trade it really is close perfect. 

I hate to hear people are pulling out from such a great service. I for one want to say thanks for a great service.



Just wanted to let you know that I had a very good experience today. I bought the double inverse nasdaq (QID) on your last pivot day and was smiling as the market made it's way down ! I've never made money when the market down before! I'm starting to understand how to properly use your service. It took a few weeks to catch on.  Thanks for your great work. Jeff



It is amazing.  What is amazing is how good the service actually is; look at past weeks where the price action is exactly where you said it would be by Friday.  Keep up the amazing work that you do!!



Hello my friends.  I love this service and even though some interpretation is required at times there is NONE BETTER.  Perhaps one becomes spoiled and complacent expecting exact correlation and a reflection of every nuance in the market movement.  If so then I would accept that as a compliment to past performance.  Very best wishes to all at EMF.  MJ......NEVER to CANCEL



Your service is without a doubt the best Need I say more after 25 years of trading.



Gann is full of crap, Elliot is an idiot, RSI and stochastics are for suckers. All of that crap works 50% of the time. Might as well flip a coin. Might do better. I'm going to watch the training videos 3 times this weekend.
Have a great weekend,


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