Testimonials From Our Members

I must admit I was amazed how accurately you predicted the sell off today. Not only in
the timeframe, but close to how much. 


I made +10.25 SP Mini Points today! I wish I had the guts to ride it down for an extra 10.


Today was another great day for me ! I was short @ 1538.25 and then averaged up and added additional contracts @ 1542.25 so my overall avg short position moved up to 1540. So today was quite profitable and I exited.


Hey thanks so much for the update. I apreciate how much effort you put into this as I'm sure the other subscribers do too. Your forecasts have helped me make some nice profits and I am confident there will be a lot more to come. It is amazing sometimes how closely the forecast portends the price action even on a 3 minute chart.

Your forecasts also make trading more enjoyable and I think that is as important as profitability.



I watched in amazement, all day. This is truly fantastic. I know it isnít 100% everyday, but just to have an Idea of a direction is 80% of the battle.



3 days in a row with 10 points awesome I don't think I have seen 30 points in a month with any other services thank you


This week I made 40 points going back to Jan 18th until now starting with 5000 dollars and moving up 1 contract for every 5000 dollars I would be at 22230 dollars profit not to bad at all thank you so much for an awesome service.


You are so deadly accurate. Also, guys, please please ensure that you stay healthy and come to work each day! The only negative I can see of your program is that if you quit or go out of business, I will need to go back to investing without any good guidance. Thanks!!!!


I am using your system to trade options on the OEX S&P 100. I got into puts a couple of days ago and I am up $3K. I am still holding some contract and anticipating the market to continue down until tomorrow based on the weekly charts. I am amazed with your program!!


i have only been a subscriber for about 3 weeks. i day/swing trade oex options and i use the weekly for general direction of the market then use the daily to try and trade in that direction. it has worked great so far!! right now i would say it is the most accurate system i have seen to date. keep up the great forecasts!!


Great job on your weekly forecast this week! It's getting better every week!!


Great job on the Forecast! 3 solid week's in a row. I bought puts on the OEX before yesterday's close, and I am already up 85% on the trade.


Thanks for the update. WOW! What a day.  Its amazing when everything falls in place. The S&P did a major  sell off as forecasted. My problem is that I keep cutting my profits short.  I need to retrain my old habbits.  Keeping the emotions in check is the toughest. Although with your assistance and forecasts I have improved quite significantly.  And the Pivot forecasts are awesome !  I also like
the history track. This really helps on the inner mind on how well it tracks for new members like myself. Thanks again,



Congratulations on the excellent forecast this week. I was watching some other services struggle to decipher what was happening yesterday  while your subscribers knew days ahead of time what to expect.


I was skeptical at first, but on my third day using it I made 1.1% on shorting the Q's. I don't know how you do it, but I know it works!



You can't ask for more.  The more I step back from the screen and just look pivot to pivot, it seems really simple. The hard part is the emotion. Emotion has hurt my trading. Also my mind has been buzzing trying to figure out how you can do this!! HA HA!!  Sorry, that's just the way I'am.
Best, Mark

Holy smokes!!  I used your forecast for Monday's action and day traded a 1 minute YM chart with a fast stochastic. I only traded with the direction of the forecast. Nice fat winners all morning. Now I stop for the day. I don't get to day trade every day.

What a start, Thank you very much. I think I'm starting to get it now.

Best, Mark


Today the  emini forecaster software nailed the trends of the day perfectly.  


This morning I caught a perfect long on the ym and i must say if this can keep me out of trouble it will be worth much more then other piece of software i am using.


So far today I've made 1.13% on this trade. Not bad for a couple hours work. I'm really getting excited about the possibilities !  At the very least this would be a good way to hedge the rest of my portfolio. Maybe even dump the rest of the portfolio and just focus on the gyrations of the indicies. Thanks for your input.   Jeff


Got my ten for the week . Thanks guys 


I don't care how you generate your G line. I used to. I don't anymore. Don't stop doing whatever it is you're doing. It's spooky, but in a "making ridiculous amounts of money-kind-of-spooky". Also thanks for the updates. Admitting you're not bulletproof gives me even more confidence in your system.  

Hello EMF Staff:

It's amazing how well the forecasts have tracked this week on the emini. I don't know how you guys do it! I got an early big drop on Monday just after the anticipated turning pt.


Made a quick 40 points this AM with the YM. I'm flat with Rydex and will look to short Thursday's close.  When the market gets away from the line it always seems to trade back to it. That's what I did this AM.  Have to do some real work now.

Thank you,


Hi guys,
I've been enjoying my trial.  and am still amazed how the projections often peg the exact highs and lows. I hadn't realized till today that the screens will update in real time.  I don't know if you call attention to that,  but it's another great feature. 


Spooky. The G-line is like a magnet...a tractor beam.

When we hit 1492....my first reaction was nervousness. Then I watched the day climb up the g-line like a caterpillar up a tree branch. Like it couldn't help itself.

Make sure you back up your servers. Back up the back ups. Exercise. Eat healthy...live long lives you two....


Unbelievable the accuracy of the G line...Good Job



I've done great this week, fabulous calls!


It really makes me sick to hear that people don't understand what they have here, you have always said it is not perfect and be careful around a holiday. You give us a glimpse of the future and when you apply safe trading practices like close stops when you have a small account it works fantastic. If you use this to swing trade it really is close perfect. 

I hate to hear people are pulling out from such a great service. I for one want to say thanks for a great service.


Just wanted to let you know that I had a very good experience today. I bought the double inverse nasdaq (QID) on your last pivot day and was smiling as the market made it's way down ! I've never made money when the market down before! I'm starting to understand how to properly use your service. It took a few weeks to catch on.  Thanks for your great work. Jeff



It is amazing.  What is amazing is how good the service actually is; look at past weeks where the price action is exactly where you said it would be by Friday.  Keep up the amazing work that you do!!



Hello my friends.  I love this service and even though some interpretation is required at times there is NONE BETTER.  Perhaps one becomes spoiled and complacent expecting exact correlation and a reflection of every nuance in the market movement.  If so then I would accept that as a compliment to past performance.  Very best wishes to all at EMF.  MJ......NEVER to CANCEL



Your service is without a doubt the best Ė Need I say more after 25 years of trading.



Gann is full of crap, Elliot is an idiot, RSI and stochastics are for suckers. All of that crap works 50% of the time. Might as well flip a coin. Might do better. I'm going to watch the training videos 3 times this weekend.
Have a great weekend,


I did pretty good with you guys in my demo account and I am very pleased. Trading 1 lot I made 9 trades 7 winners; 2 losers. Total profit $1,637.50 over the 2 week trial.

I would have done a lot better if I had been more confident - particularly about when to exit. (For example, I caught the end of the day rally this afternoon at 1332 and exited at around 1350. The last bar of the day hit 1357. So a lot of money was left behind. Worse, I will have to wait for a good pull back to take advantage your projection for next week. Should have probably just held the position.)


Hi guys,
I'm just writing to tell you that I'm really please with your service.
It's the best thing that I ever seen in the internet.
I'm been a subscriber for about a month.....and it's been my best month of trading ever!
I just follow your rules (described in the training section) and some of my own:
 1 - I trade from pivot to pivot
 2 - Always trade with the trend
 3 - Personaly, I use bigger stops than you advice (I use around 30 pts on the S&P)....I like to give the market room to breed
 4 - I just risk 2% per trade
 5 - I always wait to enter around support/resistance areas (Weeks low / weeks High)....If they don't get near, I don't trade!
 6 - Only enter a trade when the pit session is open
Following this rules, even thow your last week forecast, forecasted a up week, and it turn out to be a down week, I'm making a lot of money from last week trade.......this is how I did it:
 1 - Your forecast estimated a low pivot on wednesday.....I enter on wednesday at 1338 (with a stop loss at 1305)....the market went down.....when it reched last week low at 1324, I add a position with a stop-loss at 1305 also......
 2 - The market never reached my stop loss, so I remained in the trade.....
 3 - Your update on Sunday, forecasted a up week.....so I remained in the trade...
 4 - Yesterday when the S&P reached the 1360.....I sold half my position.....and move my stop-loss from the remaining to 1330...
 5 - With the remaining position that I have.......I will sell half if we reach 1380......and the remaining I will let until net pivot point....
Simple rules, simple trades..........the best ones!
I look forward to remain your client for years to come!
Best Regards,
P.S.  Sorry my English............I'm Portuguese!



Any day now I will be completely hooked! I was watching the price action today, and it really was uncanny how price moved in synch with the G-Lines. I see how the line movement has more relevance than price, The key will be to figure out some down timing for a strong entrance. We will see what happens tomorrow.

I am happy to tell you that forecast aided in some profits. I trade options as well as futures, and when the market moves up; I like to play the strongest leaders in the strongest sectors. I got long on MOS and have been long on POT, both performed beautifully today. I hope by now you can see I am somewhat sophisticated with trading, but you got really re-engaged today with the G-Lines. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you, and remain,

Sincerely, Randy



Remarkable.......outstanding work fellas!!!!!



You guys are awesome.  I've made life changing money with qqqq puts/calls.
Thank you so much!




As an investment professional I have never seen anything more amazing!! You guys have really impressed me. I have been using your service to look for weekly swings that would affect the OEX, After studying your performance and projections for a month I placed a trade for puts on the OEX and made over 800% today!!! Thanks and keep up the good work!!



Another great day of trading. 8.5 points and 4 yesterday.
Very nice charts and updates. Best site on the net!



I've been following several market timers over the past 5 years and eminiforecaster.com is the best I've ever seen. Not only do you do an awesome job of predicting turning points, daily and weekly, but you accurately forecast the price as well. Unreal!!



Hi guys,

I have no idea how big your operation may be, nor how closely you monitor your subscribers' activities. For what it's worth, you've come to me as a Godsend.  I subscribed a little over a month ago and have profited bizarrely!

Your recent addition of Dow and Nasdaq projections has made my decisions way easier.  

Bottom line here is that I'm grateful for your service and hopeful that you'll be around for the next fifty years.




Wow you guys kicked ass today. I think you just sealed the deal. I don't know how you do it.. but damn. Its like a time series forecast on steroids. Stop advertising I don't want this to stop working if its as good as it is.


Hey I like your service. I currently follow a price model that I developed and eminiforecaster adds a nice window into the future .
Thanks Michael



So far, as a new subscriber I have been very impressed. Friday: WOW! I will recommend your service to friends and also to two option trading services which autotrade two of my accounts.




Dear EMF,

Thanks for all of the help so far. I almost joined PageTrader, but it was your eagerness for our success and your extensive training and personal support that has caused me to choose you guys.



Just wanted to let you know I\'m pumped to be back! 4k profit my first week back baby!  I\'ve been trading for 10 years, mostly single stock options, and have stuggled to make profit. It wasn\'t until about a year ago I realized the money was in index trading.  Love the forecaster program, keep it up felllas!


What can I say... 75 points this week alone following your pivots  on only
two trades. I could get used to this :)



Hello EMF,
I trade you Glines per the extreme...this week I got in at 1257 globex and was happy to see the price at the bottom of the gline in the morning at the open. This told me only way was to go up...yes low was 1253. Prior to last week on the short I got in early and your price was above the gline...g line had at 1275/1273.
And then I wait till the price is at the extreme or top or close to the top of the Gline. Then I get out..out at 1332...enuf pts




Thank you! You guys are great.

Btw, I just set my stop at a 10 point gain for the week. So, if i get stopped out it will be $1500 made with your service in two weeks on an initial $8000 principle. If I dont get stopped out, the sky is the limit. :)

Thank you again. Joe


I don\'t know how you did it, but aside from your time of day being a little late, your call on the market decline for this afternoon was incredibly right on.

I made enough to cover your service cost for several months. Let\'s hope your signals continue to perform.



Hi Guys, may say a big thank you. I\'ve trade for three weeks now using the financial spread betting method in the UK. My starting pot was £2,400. I am now at £3,212 which is just over %33 interest on my original stake. So thanks a lot and I look forward to much more in the coming year.


The service is outstanding and have recommended it to others.
There is nothing in the marketplace that can compete with what you offer.


This is my 3rd forecast week. I love your service. My dream is to make a living trading. I know with your help I can really do it. Your platform is awsome. It makes it is so much simpler to swing trade using your Forcast. I don\'t know how you do it but it is so amazingly accurate. You totally nailed it today. Thank you Thank you


i just wanted to say thanks to eminiforecaster for $10,000.00 which i just made just moment ago.with knowing that market was heading lower which that jacked up my ETF stock i just sold for 20 percent in just 2 days.

- Sean Lee

Vadim, I have gone through everything. I love your service. Never go out of business. I made $3000 today knowing the pivot points. Thanks. I have already paid for my full month's service on Monday.


Your service has turned my trading results around. Please never go out of business.

- Mark


I absolutely love your new format!  You have once again provided a huge upgrade on your service!

- Max

 Rob & Vadim,

I've started with your trial service last week and decided to sign-up for the month. I must say that I am quite impressed with your accuracy on the trends of these indexes. I am hopeful that using your service with help me grow my portfolio.

Great work - I am close to making a decision on GForce as well.

- MJ


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